Classical home design furniture with a modern home style

The classical style of interior and architectural design in a building is a style that has never been a bit of a demand. this is due to the classic style that offers the impression of luxury, grandeur and detail that makes architectural and design lovers never bored

but sometimes nowadays classical styles are combined with modern styles, in the modern style the accents and classical styles become refined but not eliminated. an attempt to connect the classic house style with modern furniture that is currently in demand

long sofa with natural colors look modern, but with a classic design it looks elegant and simple.

for more formal areas, such as modern classical dining tables can be applied with the following picture.

modern classic styles can be designed for example on the headboard. in the master bed headboard area made with natural motifs, giving the impression of a classic but with a modern touch.

with modern classic furniture designs, of course, you can get around the classic impression that is commonly used in large dwellings and with a lot of ornaments applied to residential areas with limited land.

video :

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